No our horses are beginner safe.
 The youngest we will allow is 9 years old, and for safety reasons a child can not ride with a parent along the trail.
Yes we do have a weight limit, and it is 275 pounds or less.
No, a guide goes out with every group we may jog some parts if the guide thinks that you are ready for it. We like to make this a relaxed and enjoyable ride for our horses and customers.
We use the Pilot Mountain State Park Corridor Trail this trail is beginner friendly. If we have a repeat customer or a group that everyone is experienced we will use the Sauratown Trails that is an intermediate trail.
No, we only take cash or check.
Yes, we give a short lesson before we leave of the basics that you will use on the trail.
We require you to wear closed toe shoes. It does not have to be boots, most people wear tennis shoes. We recommend you to wear long pants since they are more comfortable in the saddle. We advise you to not wear loose clothing as it may get hung in the saddle getting on or off, or get caught on a tree branch.
Yes we would recommend you to bring one especially in the summer months. We do not allow alcohol!
We can only take 5 riders at a time. However, if you have a larger group we can arrange for the other people to have something to do while the other group rides. For example college groups, church groups, or any group.