What to expect when coming for a ride



You will be greeted by our staff upon arrival, and sitting under a large oak tree at a picnic table, we will go over any questions while you sign your release form. At this time, you will also be fitted with a helmet for your safety.

Note: Be sure to read and follow the checklist of reminders below BEFORE arriving to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.



Next, you get to meet the horses and you will be matched with a horse based on size and suitability, and given some simple instructions to help your ride.When you and all members of your party are comfortable with the horses that have been selected for you, they will be put on a trailer to make the very short trip over to the Pilot Mountain State Park access. You are welcome to ride in the truck or follow along in your car.



At the State Park Access, you will be helped on your horse and ride the trails from that point. If you wish to bring your camera, your guide will be happy to help you take pictures along the trail. When your ride is complete, you will be helped off your horse, and everyone will return to the farm.

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    Preparing for Your Ride – Things For Consideration


Review and sign the Riding Liability Release Form. You can bring a copy to the farm, or you can fill out the paperwork at the farm.


Wear comfortable clothes that fit you well. Clothes that are too baggy are not safe as they may become caught on a tack or branches. Clothes that are too tight will not be comfortable in the saddle.
Wear a shoe or boot with a heel. This is for your safety in the stirrups.
Wear long pants, preferably jeans (or breeches, if you have them)
Remove loose or hanging jewelry such as large earrings or dangling bracelets.

Other Items

Remember sunscreen if your skin type needs it. Most of the trail ride on your horse will be shady, but this is an outdoor event. In some seasons, an insect repellent such as OFF may be desired.

Some Things to Remember

Come and relax, have fun, and enjoy a piece of time as it once used to be, before all the hustle and chaos of the busy life so many of us are in these days. You may bring a beverage to enjoy on the ride, but please, Bregman’s Trail Rides and Pilot Mountain State Park observe a “No Alcohol” policy on the farm and all the trails.

You may also “Pre-Register” for planned weekends, but we may adjust the schedule due to weather or other extreme circumstances, in which another agreed upon date can be used.


Your guide will do their best to make your ride an enjoyable one. Tips are not required, but appreciated if you enjoyed the company and guidance. Now, have a Great Ride!